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From USD 1,197*
Amsterdam (Netherlands)
Round trip
From USD 1,116*
Madrid (Spain)
Round trip
From USD 1,229*
Barcelona (Spain)
Round trip

South America

Promo fare From USD 271*
Santiago de Chile (Chile)
Round trip


Promo fare From USD 2,084*
Mumbai Bombay (India)
Round trip
Promo fare From USD 2,077*
Delhi (India)
Round trip
From USD 2,271*
Jeddah (Saudi Arabia)
Round trip
Promo fare From USD 2,164*
Bangkok (Thailand)
Round trip
Promo fare From USD 2,029*
Taipei (Taiwan, China)
Round trip

Middle East

Promo fare From USD 1,410*
Cairo (Egypt)
Round trip
From USD 1,960*
Dubai (United Arab Emirates)
Round trip
From USD 1,828*
Riyadh (Saudi Arabia)
Round trip

*All amounts are in USD. Taxes and surcharges are included. No booking fee or payment surcharge is applicable. Prices shown may vary depending on fare availability. You will see the final amount when selecting your payment method. The total price does not include the additional PAIS tax of 30% as provided by the art 45 of the law nº 27.541, nor does it include the new tax of 45% as provided by the General AFIP Resolution AFIP 4815. Prices are only available for purchase on